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Chinese firm announces plan for high-end residential building

A Chinese real estate firm has announced their development plan for a high-end residential building called the R & F Glory

03-Oct-2018 ព័ត៍មានសេដ្ធកិច្ច

Cambodia among countries with low annual property tax

Cambodia is among countries across the globe which has low annual property tax, according to an editorial article published by InvestAsian on 22 Septe[...]

03-Oct-2018 ព័ត៍មានកីឡា

National Road 51 shows real estate potential

The development of the capital is currently expanding due to a growing urban population

02-Oct-2018 ព័ត៍មានសេដ្ធកិច្ច

Professionals needed to sustain property sector

Currently, the construction and property sector, together with manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism industries, forms the main pillars off the Camb[...]

02-Oct-2018 ព័ត៍មានសេដ្ធកិច្ច

Development projects, land sales registration gets thumbs-up

Cambodian property insiders have welcomed a new measure that reinforces the government’s requirement that all commercial land sales and development pr[...]

02-Oct-2018 ព័ត៍មានសេដ្ធកិច្ច

Home building sector booming

Home building is booming in the Kingdom, with the affordable housing sector showing great momentum in suburban areas, as recent data indicates.

02-Oct-2018 ព័ត៍មានកីឡា

Strong Construction drives Cambodia’s economy

The ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO) has forecast that Cambodia’s economy is to grow at 7.2% in 2018

14-Sep-2018 ព័ត៍មានកីឡា

China dominant in Cambodia property and tourist sector

A new report by Business Times shows that China is driving Cambodia’s property and tourism sector with massive investment expected to continue flowing[...]

14-Sep-2018 ព័ត៍មានកីឡា

Suncity links up with Golden Sun Sky for S’ville resort project

Hong Kong-listed Suncity Group has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Cambodian firm Golden Sun Sky Entertainment in a project to bui[...]

11-Sep-2018 ព័ត៍មានសេដ្ធកិច្ច

Capital’s Olympia City sells 90 pct of condos

THE capital’s Olympia City condominium project has sold around 90 per cent of its units, 50 per cent of which went to local customers, the project’s s[...]

11-Sep-2018 ព័ត៍មានកីឡា

Phnom Penh to become trade hub for foreign investors

With massive building projects emerging and sustained growth, Phnom Penh is becoming a trade hub for foreign investors

03-Sep-2018 ព័ត៍មានសេដ្ធកិច្ច

Cambodia property sector: A five-year forecast

The Cambodian real estate sector has been growing tremendously in the last few years.

03-Sep-2018 ព័ត៍មានកីឡា

Firm puts down $531M for capital plot

Chean Chhoeng Thai Group Co Ltd, a sister firm to China’s Yuetai Group has announced a more than $500 million investment to develop a parcel of land a[...]

03-Sep-2018 ព័ត៍មានសេដ្ធកិច្ច

Real estate sector convenes in the capital

Capital investment in the construction sector totalled over $23 billion in the last five-and-a-half years, the Cambodia Constructor Association (CCA)[...]

03-Sep-2018 ព័ត៍មានកីឡា

Royal Group, leading Singapore firm join for mixed-use development

Singapore property developer Hong Lai Huat signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Cambodia’s largest conglomerate The Royal Group

23-Aug-2018 ព័ត៍មានកីឡា