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UK Condo takes over Borey 999 projects 13-Mar-2019 | ព័ត៍មានកីឡា

Cambodia leading condominium developer UK Condo has recently taken over all shares of Borey 999 projects and pledged to finish this once postponed project.

On 09 March 2019, Meanchey International Investment (MII) entered into an agreement to transfer all shares of its Borey 999 project to UK condo Real Estate Co.,Ltd. 

“We took over all the shares of Project 999 [Borey 999]. The reason is that we as UK Condo now can guarantee that we will finish all and provide the highest service to the customers,” said Mr Alex Evengroen Group CEO and Representative of UK Condo. 

Mr Alex added that after taking over all shares, he pledges to run Borey 999 projects with the same standard as UK Condo. 

“It will have a super positive impact on the market as we now move on as one happy family with great service, high quality, attractive prices and flexible payment options for all,” said Mr Alex. 

UK Condo is now holding 10 condominium projects with the company claiming that it had so far sold out about 4000 condos. (Construction & Property)